1. In the 5th anniversary since Fred’s death, George went to the cemetery,

It was the first time he ever visited the place, since he didn’t want to go to the burial because he said it was nonsense and that Fred would be coming back, he wasn’t willing to believe that Fred was already gone.

In the 5th year of his death, George went to the cemetery.

Fred, where are you, you bastard? You promised we’d die together. I thought it was all a prank and that you would be coming back in no time. It took me a year to realize that you weren’t coming back and that this is what’s real and not what I had been seeing in my dreams. I miss you, mate, I miss you so much that it almost kills me. I can’t even pull a prank by myself and everytime I catched myself making a joke I looked around to see where you were to finish them and everytime I tried finishing them I found myself breaking into cries and it took hours for mom to calm me down. I know you must be thinking ‘what a poor old bogey’. But it’s hard not having the one person that I trusted the most, my other part, my mirror, my best friend, my twin. I hope that it’s better up there. I know that one day I’ll finally be up there with you and let the skies be prepared because bloody hell, here come the Weasley twins.

Right then and there George cried even harder than he had in years, he cried till there were no more tears to pour. He cried so hard and loud that the Weasleys heard it all the way to the house. And they understood. They understood that George was finally saying goodbye.

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